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What is This?

  • This app shows summarizations of linked datasets: graphs created from classes and predicates that connect instances of these classes in the dataset.
  • Summarizations are created offline and only some are available at the moment. Learn more and contact us to get your dataset visualized here.
  • Nodes from different namespaces have different color. The namespace prefixes are defined at the bottom-left part of the page.

How to Use

  • Click on one of the dataset links at the top of the page to see its visualization.
  • Tick several datasets and click "Load all selected datasets" to see visualizations of several datasets merged into one graph.
  • Zoom in or out with the mousewheel or equivalent scrolling controls.
  • Move around the visualization by clicking outside nodes and holding&moving the mouse ("drag&drop").
  • Move the nodes by similar "drag&drop" means.
  • Prevent (or encourage) nodes from "jumping around" by clicking on "start/stop auto layout."
  • "Show datatypes" checkbox controls whether datatype properties are displayed.
  • Select class nodes and predicates by left-clicking on them. Right-click cancels the selection.
  • Clicking "Load examples for selected nodes" shows examples of instances of selected classes connected by selected predicates (above the class nodes).
  • "Next Example" button loads another example combination of instances for selected class&predicate combination.
  • "Font Size" buttons increase or decrease font size of class node labels.
  • Tip: you can achieve a sort of fullscreen view by zooming-in at the browser level (e.g. click outside the visualization window, then hold CTRL and scroll-up with mousewheel), thus enlarging the visualization window, and then zooming-out at the visualization level (click inside the visualization window and scroll-down with mousewheel).

Using the Filters

  • Move the "Detail" slider to the right to encrease the minimum occurence count threshold. The higher the threshold, the more instantiations the combination of classes and predicates must have to be displayed. After setting the slider, click "Update Filters" and wait a few seconds for reload.
  • Path frequency threshold works analogously as Detail, but changes the maximum number of instantiations.
  • Predicates list shows all predicates in the dataset. Tick some of them and click "Update Filters" to limit the visualized graph to paths containing the selected predicates.
  • Namespaces list shows all ontologies used in the dataset. Tick some of them and click "Update Filters" to limit the visualization to entities from selected ontologies.